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Contoured Foam Cushions in Spinal Cord Injury Care: Cinderella’s Shoe Does Not Fit Anymore!

Guidelines for preventing sitting-acquired pressure ulcers (PUs) repeatedly recommend the use of soft and thick cushions designed for distributing buttocks- support loads, particularly on wheelchairs. Recently, it was suggested that contoured foam cushions (CFCs) which fit the individual’s buttocks shape could provide good efficacy since they create large buttocks-cushion contact areas [1].

Pressure Ulcer Research, Part 3

When Amit Gefen, Ph.D., a professor of biomedical engineering at Tel Aviv University, began studying chronic wounds, he was interested in something he could not easily observe: what happens to the soft tissues and skeleton of our feet when we walk. Gefen noticed the lack of research in the field compared to “research resources that we biomedical engineers see in fields like orthopaedics, cardiovascular, cancer,” he says.