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Considerations of Support Surfaces for Best Practice PI Prevention

Considerations of Support Surfaces for Best Practice PI Prevention

Pressure injuries result in significant costs, not only to our health system; they also have significant impact on the person experiencing the injuries functional and emotional well-being.  Preventing risk of pressure injuries includes provision of an appropriate support surface to meet the individuals needs within a holistic framework. This workshop looks at the development of PI and the contributing factors. By understanding the development of injury, the individuals needs and the design principals behind the support surface we can begin to identify appropriate and sustainable options.  

This session will provide the foundation knowledge and skills and relate the latest research and CPG to assist and guide the health professional to apply to the clinical reasoning processes when identifying potential AT solutions.   

Education Level of Course:  All levels 

Course Length: 2 hours 

Course Objectives:    

By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:   

  • Articulate the differences in offloading vs immersion/envelopment in cushion design 
  • Identify how the CPG can assist with guidance and evidence in relation to PI and surfaces 
  • Discuss the different support surfaces used in AT and how each property can impact on the development of an injury 
  • Articulate why a Risk Assessment score should not be the deciding factor in identification of potential equipment solutions 

How to Book: Contact or call 1300 845 483 or 02 8838 3100 to be put through to your local Permobil representative.  

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