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Material Matters: The Substance and Design of Complex Power Wheelchairs

Material Matters: The Substance and Design of Complex Power Wheelchairs 

Course Description: 

Power wheelchairs are a complex piece of equipment, made up of multiple components that each influence the overall performance of the chair.   As clinicians, we are typically taught how to manage the power wheelchair user’s needs, but not so much about power wheelchair itself – this can make it challenging to identify what features we need a power wheelchair to have and hence identify which chair we would like to trial. 

This intermediate level webinar looks in depth into the crucial components of power wheelchairs and the clinical significance of these.  

We will discuss power wheelchair components such as: 

  • Motors and gearboxes. 
  • Suspension and tyres. 
  • Batteries and electronics. 
  • Actuators for power seat functions. 

Course Level: Intermediate 

Course Duration:  One hour  

How to Book: Contact or call 1300 845 483 or 02 8838 3100 to be put through to your local Permobil representative.  

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