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Powering Up: Successful Use of Power Assist Devices

Powering Up: Successful Use of Power Assist Devices 

Course Overview: 

Power assist devices are a useful option for manual wheelchair users to maximise their mobility in and around their home and out in the community.  However, there are now a number of power assist options available in the market, so how do we identify which option will best meet a person’s needs?  

In this workshop we will look at the different power assist options, exploring the benefits and challenges of each.  We will work through what information is needed from an assessment, potential clinical reasoning strategies and how this relates to identifying the most appropriate device for trial.  As part of this process, we will also explore when a power wheelchair may be considered more appropriate than a power assist device.  

Course Level: Intermediate 

Course Duration: Two hours 

How to Book: Contact or call 1300 845 483 or 02 8838 3100 to be put through to your local Permobil representative.  

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