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Restraint or Postural Control – What is a postural enabler?

Restraint or Postural Control – What is a postural enabler? 

Whilst a generic blanket of “restraint” terminology has been historically associated with the fitting and use of pelvic support belts and harnesses, we will explore the current definitions of restrictive practice and restraint to guide our clinical reasoning processes. How do we differentiate between using a pelvic belt as a support, safety belt or restraint? Why do we need to make this differentiation? How can a pelvic belt assist in providing postural support? These questions and more will be discussed throughout the session.   

Education level of course: All levels 

Total Time:  2 hours 

Course Objectives:    

By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:   

  • Identify different examples of restrictive practice prescription of Assistive Technology  
  • Explain the difference between a safety belt and a postural support belt

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