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The Why and How of Modular Seating Options 

The Why and How of Modular Seating Options 

Providing seating for people with non-reducible musculoskeletal changes can be a challenge.  Do we customise a standard ‘off the shelf’ option?  Or do we look at a modular option?  When do we need to consider custom fabrication?  

We will explore the benefits and challenges of these different seating options, including what product features to look for when selecting items to trial.  

The workshop will explore seating options for those with more challenging postural support needs, such as:  

  • Spinal/trunk asymmetry presenting with structural bulk 
  • Pelvic deviations in multiple planes 
  • Accommodation of hip flexion contractures 
  • When and how uneven leg length need to be considered  

Course Level: Intermediate – Advanced  

Course Length: This is a 4 hour workshop with an additional 1.5 hour practical lab recommended. 

How to book: Contact or call 1300 845 483 or 02 8838 3100 to be put through to your local Permobil representative.

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