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  • Bodypoint Mobility Bag

    Machine-washable (delicate cycle, cold water, air dry) bag keeps necessities secure and out of sight, yet fully accessible in our just-right 22 cm x 11 cm bag.
    The bag comes with two large zippered pockets and mesh compartment with no-jingle loops and reverse zippers to identify compartment by touch as well as a hook for hanging in bathroom.
    Quick insertion and removal under or next to wheelchair seat; easily slides into airplane and train seat back pockets.

  • Universal Elastic Strap

    Available in three widths and cut-to-size 142 cm length, the Strap provides temporary or all-day support for travel, work, therapy, sports and fittings. Use on the chest, abdomen, thighs or lower legs. With or without an extension strap (71 cm), wrap around a wheelchair back, motor vehicle seat or recliner.
    Made from a cushy fabric with no irritating edge stitching, it has an easy-grasp end tab with a convenient thumb hole, and will not snag clothing.

  • Elastic Extension Strap

    The Elastic Extension Strap adds length to the Universal Elastic Strap.


  • Cushioning Slip-On Pads

    Adding comfort to our basic non-padded belts, Slip-On Pads provide greater pressure distribution across the bony areas of the pelvis and their rounded edge binding avoids skin irritation. They maintain their shape even with heavy use and have non-wrinkling, flexible fabric to resist dirt and grime. Each pad has a series of loops for feeding the belt and maintaining attachment.

    If  these pads will be used all day, or for positioning rather than comfort, we recommend ordering a 2-Point or 4-Point Padded Belt instead.


    PD304 / PD304-2: Fits 25 mm webbing, pads are 20 cm long

    PD305 / PD305-2: Fits 4 mm webbing, pads are 25 cm long

    PD306 / PD306-2: Fits 5 cm webbing, pads are 31 cm long

  • Mounting Hardware Gauge

    Quickly check the diameter of wheelchair tubing, track slots and fasteners. For wheelchair techs, therapists and suppliers, this is a must-have for the toolkit. One size available.

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