• Features flexible, adjustable straps that allow this product to off set the center of pressure and better remove pressure points from the spine. This allows for a more aggressive molding to each individual patient’s natural anatomy to support many seating positions ranging from
    upright seating to a severely rotated back.
  • Equipped with an oversized aluminium shell cutout to allow deeper immersion into the back.
  • Thick Visco surface layer adds extra comfort and support by contouring to the user’s body.
  • Designed to effortlessly adjust, the Boa® closure system brings comfort and support to the lower and upper thoracic regions.
  • With the Boa® reel and cable system, equal and stable pressure distribution is accomplished in an “off the shelf” back design.
  • The open back frame design gives the ability to off -load the pressure typically seen on spinal deformities through the back frame
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Acta Relief Back