Stabilize the upper body, while allowing for the chest expansion that supports speech, nutrition and respiration.

  • Monoflex™

    For users who need strong but comfortable abdominal/chest support, the Monoflex is the perfect dynamic solution. Its high-strength elastic padding provides just the right amount of stretch for comfort, while maintaining trunk control. The double-tapered shape distributes pressure across the midsection while maintaining free arm movement.

    The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

    -Proprietary high strength swivel buckle equalizes tension
    -Versatile mounting options work with flexible fabric and solid backrests
    -Engineered padding controls stretch and stabilizes even strong spastic tone

    Available in Underarm Release (single pad, for more stretch) or Center-Release (dual pads, front buckle, for use with lateral supports and more independent users)

    As always, a pelvic support should be worn with an anterior support product.

  • Stayflex™ Chest Support

    New MD (multi-directional) Pull Straps allow setup as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting. Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps allow easy removal.

    The Stayflex™ Chest Support gives firm support to users needing trunk control, without sacrificing comfortable shoulder movement. The patented dual-zone elastic construction virtually eliminates shifting upwards at the neckline when the user leans forward, avoiding strangulation risk. Made of carefully selected materials that provide the optimal balance between stretch and resistance, the Stayflex has raised the bar for chest support:

    -Heavy-duty knit nylon and foam rubber padding for strong elastic support
    -Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps for easy removal
    -Superior materials and careful stitching in our Seattle facility for long life

    Available in two widths and with or without zipper. As always, a pelvic support should be worn with any anterior support product.

  • Chest Belt for Limited Hand Function

    Making it simple for users with limited hand function to tighten or release, our hook-and-loop (similar to Velcro®) Chest Belt has a stiffened end-tab and D-ring for easy grasping. Unobtrusive and versatile, this belt is made of premium materials for durability, and can be combined with our Slip-on Pads for added comfort.

    As always, a pelvic support should be worn with an anterior support product.


    2 ” Webbing, Length 127 cm, Velcro

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