Using the best mounting point for postural supports is critical to fit and comfort, so the range of our mounting hardware supports a variety of positions and wheelchairs.

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  • Quick Release Connector

    Selectable locking-button permits single or two-stage release for extra security. Low-profile design for close-fitting attachments along the seat or backrest. Uses include easy release of removable lateral pads and headrests, phone/tablet mounts, and other parts that must be rigidly attached to the wheelchair frame or seating system.


  • Cinch-Mount™ End Fitting

    Grips webbing securely with patented steel “teeth” and rugged design. Quick and precise installation. Ideal for frequent belt adjustments for weather/clothing changes or multiple users.

  • Flat-Mount™ End Fitting

    Fits tight spaces with a low profile. Unique dimple design makes it easier to thread webbing. Rounded edges and heat-treated, nickel-plated steel reduce fabric wear.

  • FrameSaver™ Clamp

    Made of a super-tough nylon,the FrameSaverTM clamp is incredibly strong. Snaps into place with no damage to wheelchair tubing. For mounting anywhere along wheelchair tubing without drilling. If tubing has upholstery strip, consider the Frame Clamp.


  • Seat Tube Mounting Bracket

    Easiest and most secure way to attach belts to wheelchairs. Great mounting solution for chairs with sling seat upholstery or to use on top of a solid seat base. Low-profile design won’t interfere with seat cushions, armrests or wheels.

  • Belt Mounting Extension Kit

    Adds length to our hip belts and the Evoflex®. Straps align to fit tight spaces and spread apart to bypass obstructions, to make mounting a belt easier. Bend the straps to attach directly to solid seat bottoms.

  • T-Slot Fastener Kit

    Mount postural supports directly to a power wheelchair seat rail track.
    Works with Cinch-Mount™ and Flat-Mount™ End Fittings. Allows low profile, direct mount for the Evoflex®.

  • Cam Buckle, 1/4″ Hole

    Quickly attach or loosen webbing. Easy adjustment or removal of belts and harnesses. Allows for one-handed release of straps.

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