MyPermobil 2.0

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MyPermobil has been developed with real-time connectivity in mind and strengthens your independence by providing in-app educational resources, battery charge status, automatic error code reporting and seating activity usage data.

MyPermobil requires additional hardware on your power wheelchair. New Permobil models that feature this hardware standard include M3 Corpus, M5 Corpus, F3 Corpus, F5 Corpus and F5 Corpus VS models.


MyPermobil communicates directly with your power wheelchair and provides the most up-to-date information on individual battery range estimates, distance and seating behavior. Download MyPermobil now to get more out of your Permobil power wheelchair.


  • MyPermobil 2.0 App

    The MyPermobil 2.0 app helps you get more out of your power wheelchair by sending relevant status updates directly to your smartphone in real time. MyPermobil features in-app educational resources, battery charge status, an interactive map and seat activity usage data to help improve communication with healthcare and service providers.

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  • Service Redefined – For Dealers

    Permobil connects you to your service provider in ways not previously possible. Your technician is now able to remotely access chair data to help diagnose potential issues so you can focus on living your life. Updates on battery voltage, fault codes, actuator function and current readings are transmitted automatically providing important information on your chair’s condition.

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  • Permobil Connect is available on M3/M5 and F3/F5 series chairs shipped after December 2017.

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