Wide Rubber Dome Joystick Handle

The Rubber Dome Joystick Handle is designed specifically for users with weak hands. As our shortest joystick handle, its wide, 66 mm diameter and low 25 mm profile keeps fingers open, reducing involuntary movement.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

  • Provides maximum control to users with weak hands
  • Small ribs on dome reduce sweat buildup and increase traction
  • Attachment to the joystick box can be temporary by pressing it on or the handle can be made permanent.
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PC107A: Ø 66 mm, total height 25 mm. Fits stem size: Ø 4.5 mm 
Ø 66 mm, total height 25 mm. Fits stem size: Ø 6 mm

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Rubber Dome Joystick Handles