Choose Bodypoint`s H or trimline harness for maximum retraction, the PivotFit™ for balanced shoulder/chest support, the Stayflex™ for more sternal support.

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  • PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness

    Distributing pressure across a 25% greater surface area than a traditional H-style harness, the PivotFit™ Shoulder Harness has a body-contouring shape for optimal support and a comfortable fit. Curved Laminar™ pads follow the contours of the shoulders and ribcage, with a low-placed sternum strap to reduce the risk of strangulation while providing easy adjustability. The new swivel buckle is twice as strong as competitive models and allows for precise pad placement for an individualised fit.

    Available in a non-stretch version for more aggressive control, and a dynamic version which allows controlled movement to reduce spastic tone.

    The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

    -Sleek sewing construction is easy to clean

    -Elimination of lower D-ring prevents hot spots at the ribcage

    -High-strength swivel buckle equalises tension without bunching

    -Easy-to-tighten sternum strap accommodates clothing changes and ensures a snug fit

    As always, a pelvic support should be worn with an anterior support product.


  • Trimline Shoulder Harness

    The Trimline Shoulder Harness is our most “convertible” upper body harness. It can be worn in the “backpack style,” in which each shoulder can be independently controlled while keeping the chest clear; or the crossover style, in which the shoulder straps are crossed at the sternum, for greater arm freedom. Either style can be used for either gender.

    The Bodypoint difference is the details:

    -Straps unbuckle behind the user’s shoulders, not on the chest

    -Independent pads move apart when a user leans forward, avoiding strangulation

    -Individual pads can be used together or singularly to more easily address asymmetrical positioning

    As always, a pelvic support should be worn with any anterior support product.

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