The Splash series commode backrest was designed to incorporate the adjustability of the Dreamline wheelchair backrest, enabling the end-user to achieve optimal positioning and support throughout their day.
The BAC system is available when further positioning is required to meet the client`s asymmetrical postural needs.
The Splash commode backrest is designed to fit most standard commodes with backrest canes, providing height, width, depth and angle adjustability.





  • BAC System

    For complex asymmetrical body shapes


    Headrest options

    Contoured, open curved & pivot-wing styles in small and large sizes

  • Swing-away laterals

    Straight, curved & teardrop styles from extra small to large.

  • Water-resistant

    The inner foam layer of the Splash backrest is encapsulated in stretch water-resistant urethane bag.

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Splash Commode Backrest System