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Every day we meet people with limited mobility who tell us what their goals and dreams are. It is a privilege to have such strong, close relations with customers and we are very proud to be able to help them make their dreams come true. See what some of our end-users say about us!

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Jarrod Greening

The Permobil stand-up chair turned my wedding from ‘isn’t that sweet, a disabled man is getting married ’ to a much more respected event. People stopped looking down at me, physically and mentally. It gave me the ability to stand with my fiancé to marry her, say my vows while looking her in the eye, Continue Reading

Shane Clifton, Sydney

My name is Shane Clifton and I teach theology for living. It`s a great job, I love it. It`s a teaching job and leadership job in Parramatta. My accident occurred in October 2010 and I was jumping with my children with a pushbike into a foam pit that was meant to keep me safe but Continue Reading

Blandine Even, Belgium

I currently have a Permobil M300. I just tried the new Permobil M3 which is also a mid-wheel drive which I like the best. It`s great because the lift goes higher and faster and also it`s really nice that you`re able to drive while the lift is elevated and you can drive next to people Continue Reading

Lisa Edmonds, Sydney

I have been using TiLite TR3 now for 2yrs and have found it to be not just the lightest of wheelchairs, but the most comfortable and maneuverable chair I have used in my 30yrs of being a wheelchair user. I particularly love the stylish custom design which has attracted many compliments. I have certainly put Continue Reading

Sergei Lazarev, Sydney

The SmartDrive has allowed me to independently reach places in my manual chair that I couldn’t before. Now I’m finally exploring the hilly areas of Sydney without fear of being exhausted or worrying about pushing up that one steep hill. Best of all, I can carry it in my car wherever I go.

Malcolm Turnbull, Sydney

I love the FreeWheel. Easy on and off, and very portable, it is one of those products that I think “why didn’t someone think of it before?” The FreeWheel makes going over grass, gravel, cobblestones, uneven footpaths, the beach etc much easier, and much safer! It is almost impossible to fall out of my wheelchair Continue Reading

Bailey Heddes, QLD

My name is Bailey Heddes I am 17 years old and I have had a F3 Permobil power chair for 6 months. I am extremely happy with my Permobil and the customer service as well. The features of this chair have improved my quality of life, for example I have been able to lower my Continue Reading